resolution reboot.

Let’s be honest, now that it is mid-February New Years resolutions, winter and motivation are all sort of growing stale. 

How are you doing on your New Years resolutions? I won’t lie, mine definitely need a bit of a reboot.

This time of year one of the hardest things to keep up with is exercise. It is so dark in the morning, heck, it’s so dark after work too! And really freaking cold. A perfect combination for curling up on the couch in sweatpants and forgetting all those promises made at the start of 2015.

I think that the trick to staying motivated to exercise throughout the winter is to find a regular class to hold you accountable and give you a group to go with that meets in a warm, well-lit, inside space, preferably with good music.

If you are struggling to find a perfect fit (no pun intended!) here are three solutions I’ve found that help me to get through the winter.

1. Pursuit Fitness and Performance

A good friend of mine opened this gym a few years ago and, wow, have I been impressed with its success!

John and I attended Pursuit throughout last winter. The gym offers personal training, but most people do what is called “group training” typically two or three times a week.

Never once did I dread going to PFP–even when driving out there at 5:30 in the morning for the ever popular 6 am pre-work sweat session. The workouts were always unique and effective and, oftentimes, really fun. Everyday was different and the trainers really focus on helping clients become their best selves by focusing on individual goals and areas that need improvement.

I was challenged to touch my toes while working with PFP and I am happy to report that by the end of my session I could do it! (Well, I touched my shoelaces, but that counts.) Never, ever, ever was I capable of doing this before PFP! Pretty amazing stuff.

My favorite part of PFP was the communal environment. Ryan, the owner, does a great job of making his gym members feel like a family of sorts. Everyone knows each other, motivates and cheers for each other and even participates in activities outside of the gym together. It really is inspiring.

Plus, I LOVE the loud music!

(The awesome trainers of PFP)


I discovered Now Fitness last Spring when Darcy, the owner, set up a boot camp class for Zoo employees after work. One class had me immediately hooked.

Darcy is full of energy, which is extremely motivating. She knows how to get her clients to work hard and pick up the pace through a grueling 60 minute workout. Going to a Now Fitness class is always hard, but that’s a good thing, after all, sore muscles and cardio bursts are what you’re paying for! 

Last summer Darcy was pregnant with her second child during the workouts. She cancelled class the week she had her baby and was back at it the next Monday night! No joke, this truly changed my perspective on what a woman’s body is capable of. It was incredible, and inspiring to see. 

The Now Fitness Zoo classes have given me the chance to meet and make friends with coworkers I do not normally get to see and chat with during my work day routine, and, like PFP, I never dread going to class. It’s so easy to just show up, follow the routine and cross working out off the daily to-do list!

In the summer we meet at the Zoo and in the winter we meet at The Wilson School. You can’t beat a workout right at work, it is just too convenient.

(Now Fitness group post workout)

3. SNAP Fitness

This year I went ahead and joined the little gym up the street from my apartment. I finally caved because I wanted a place to run where I could be warm and safe anytime of day. I knew I was gambling with my safety running in the dark last winter, so I joined on a month to month basis to get me through the cold, dark days.

Snap is definitely overpriced for what is there–which is not much. Obviously, there is enough equipment to get in a good workout (especially for a runner) and I have never had to wait for a machine, but this is no mega-gym with the masseuse/tanning salon/bubbly water/protein shake barista works. It is bare bones, for sure.

I like Snap, though, because the staff is friendly and helpful, it is open 24 hours so you can workout whenever it fits into your schedule and it is a wonderfully convenient half mile from my home. I usually run there and use my “commute” as a warmup.

I will probably cancel my membership when it becomes light/warm enough to consistently run outside, but I will definitely be joining again next winter.

So, there you have it! Three little get fit gems I’ve discovered in the STL area to push me through the cold, dark days when my sweatpants are constantly singing their sweet siren song. 

Right now I am being consistently challenged to stay in shape by training for the GO! Marathon in April. Eight more weeks left! Yeesh.

 I only hope I can keep this motivation coming and get out there for my 16 mile run in the 5 degree temps forecasted for tomorrow morning! Brr!