weekend recap.

Well, my “weekend” has changed. I am happy to announce that I am now off on Thursday/Friday!

This is great news for many reasons. 1). Whenever I take a Sat/Sun off I will now have a four day weekend 2). Makes bachelorette party/wedding weekend travel MUCH easier 3). A few more days off with John each year (Good Friday anyone?) 4). THANKSGIVING!!! annnnnnddd…..5). CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS ARE ON THURS/FRI THIS YEAR!!!

Holy moly I cannot believe my luck!

In the meantime, life’s a little crazy. If you’ve never had your weekend switched on you (which, I’m assuming all you Saturday/Sunday warriors out there have not ever had happen) it’s a little like, um, how can I explain….THE WORLD BEING FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN.

What day is it today? Am i off today? Am I working today? Is it my Monday or my Wednesday? What day of the week is it for the rest of the world? THESE ARE IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW, PEOPLE!

The other hard part of a weekend switch for a Zookeeper/Author is the fact that I typically schedule school visits months in advance. So, I had to scramble there a bit to change up that schedule.

Hence, why I spent last Tuesday rushing from work to Pacific, MO during rush hour to speak at Zitzman Elementary’s “Writing on the Wall” night.

I ran into a fellow Reedy author, Chris Stuckenschneider, at the event, which was wonderful! Author spotlight on Chris coming soon!

I then spent Thursday driving back and forth to Pacific for more “Writing on the Wall” events–a daytime visit back at Zitzman and an evening speech at Coleman.

The kids were great and the teachers so welcoming at both events. So glad I got to participate! 

The next day I did absolutely nothing but domestic chores–cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. Necessary evils, I suppose, but definitely not much fodder for blog posts.

On that note, I leave you with this picture my sister, Nancy, found of our grandpa as a child sitting on the lap of what appears to be Mr. Andrews from Titanic.


Hope you all have a great weekend–no matter which days you’re off!