nancy's shower recap

On Saturday my sister and I, along with the other bridesmaids, hosted a shower for our little sister, Nancy.

People always blog about showers and wedding stuff like that, so I figured I’d write a little shower recap. Who knows, maybe it will end up on Pinterest.

The “theme,” if you will, for Nancy’s shower was winter/sparkles/frost-yourself. When choosing the theme we considered that February is definitely the worst month ever. By this time of year everyone is truly sick of winter and cold.  So, why not make the season fun again? We wanted to bring back everything we loved about winter in early December. A winter shower could be beautiful, sparkly and special.

We envisioned white, sparkly everything, a roaring fire in the fireplace, snow softly falling outside, candles lit and a hot chocolate bar to toast the bride to be!

Well, as any avid Pinterest-er knows, you don’t always get what you envision.

The day of Nancy’s bridal shower dawned sunny, cheery and SEVENTY FREAKING DEGREES!

No joke. Some winter shower! No fire. No gently falling snow. And I’m pretty sure I am the only one who eventually partook in the hot chocolate bar.

I’m not really complaining. It was lovely to have the windows open and the guests sipping bloody mary’s and champagne on the porch outside. Really, our biggest challenge was getting dressed. Tights or no tights? That was the question.

All in all it was just the pure, sweet irony that made the weather so amusing. But it really turned out to be a fun, beautiful shower anyway, if I do say so myself.


(The chalkboard sign needed a little bit of editing.)

We started with a white/glittery table scape. Candles and baby’s breath, white birch branches (to whom I owe the copious amounts of glitter coating the seats of my car) and plenty of “diamonds” scattered about. 


The Menu:

Stuffed Mushrooms

French bread baguettes with ricotta, honey and lemon zest

White chocolate pretzels

White cheeseboard

White veggies and dip

Popcorn bar

Chicken salad crescent sandwiches

Glitter cake balls


Bloody Mary Bar

Champagne and Wine

Hot Chocolate and Bailey’s Bar


I can’t say enough about these glitter cake balls from Sarah’s Cake Shop. They were truly scrumptious. Everyone knows I am somewhat of a cake connoisseur, and I must say, these were top notch. 

Here are a few of my favorite details from the day:


Pine cones and pics of Nancy and Pat. Ah, this scene would have been perfect with a roaring fire.


The favors were little test tubes filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.


The hot chocolate bar that was an epic fail. But, hey, at least I got my silver polishing skills back in shape!


The bride is a big fan of Bloody Mary’s. I am a big fan of those striped straws.


We played a little “That’s what She Said/He Said” Quiz game. I had so much fun interviewing the couple and making tiny Nancy and Pat illustrations.

Probably my favorite answer was when Nancy was asked to describe Pat in six words and one of the words she chose was “assiduous." 

The victor was Pat’s sister, Cara, who took home a glittery, white candle!


The first of many bridesmaid pics this year!


And finally, the blushing bride-to-be who did a great job entertaining the guests, being a classy, gracious bride and putting up with our teasing in turn.

I’d say the shower was a success, even without the fire and hot chocolate bar.

At the end of the day, who can complain about an afternoon spent with family and friends and some gorgeous, surprise February SUNSHINE!