Weekend Happenings.

Busy weekend in Zebu-Land! 

And by weekend I mean Thursday/Friday, of course. 

Did you know that most zookeepers don’t have normal weekends? Shouldn’t really come as a surprise. After all, animals need to eat everyday, right?!

When I say weekend, I almost always mean Thursday/Friday because this is my weekend. This drives my family nuts. Wednesday is not Friday and Friday is not Wednesday and one should not call Saturday Monday if for the majority of Americans Monday is Monday and not Saturday. Right? 

I say, who cares. 

If I don’t call Wednesday Friday and Thursday/Friday “the weekend” I’ll go crazy. It’s some sort of special state of mind waking up and knowing it’s your Friday rather than your Wednesday.

Whatever you want to call it, Thursday/Friday, my weekend, was extremely busy! In fact, I spent most of it at the Zoo! Go figure!

Thursday was the Zoo book signing next to the real, live Bubbles and in front of the Living World. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun to talk to visitors and readers alike and introduce children to our special cow. 

Friday was Express Scripts Legal Department “Day at the Zoo.” In honor of the occasion, I gave behind the scenes tours to a few employees and then joined them for a picnic in Forest Park where we ate bbq and several people purchased “Bubbles” books. 

All in all it was a successful weekend! 

Or Thursday/Friday. 


Check out a pic of my dad and I (Happy Almost Father’s Day) with “Bubbles” at the picnic in Forest Park!