Visit to the Missouri History Museum

Last week I had a lovely visit to the Missouri History Museum for “Celebrate Reading Day!" 

I joined authors, Amanda Doyle and Katie Banister and a few furry friends from the St. Louis PAWS group as we all enjoyed reading books to dogs and making fun Bubbles/Arch/Dog inspired crafts. 

Lots of kids stopped by my corner to read to "Zara,” a Newfoundland. The kids were delighted to learn that Zara was the same breed of dog that Lewis and Clark took with them on their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. What is a trip to the History Museum without a little history, after all?! 

Everyone fell in love with Zara and soon the kids nicknamed her “Super Z” and requested I illustrate their passbooks with pictures of Zara dressed in a superhero cape. I think Zara loved all of the attention and I loved hearing “Bubbles” read by kids to a dog.

The PAWS program aims to make kids more comfortable reading books aloud by encouraging them to read to a dog. Dogs are great listeners. They never judge, they never hurry a new reader along and they, of course, love great stories! What a wonderful program.

Check out a few photos I snapped below!