Visit to Mallinckrodt Academy

The Kindergarten class at Mallinckrodt Academy made their own “Happy Birthday, St. Louis!” book before my visit. Their version includes some fancy cakes and cute little vignettes about their favorite places in St. Louis.

I was touched by how many of the kids wrote that their favorite place was actually Mallinckrodt Academy! Because of all the books! And the slides! And their teachers!

Adorable. I can see why they like it–it seems like a very special school.

Enjoy a bit of the Mallinckrodt version of “Happy Birthday, St. Louis!” below!


Milo’s amazing mom, Amanda Doyle, wrote a children’s book about the Arch–so, of course, that is his favorite place! And you know this city is great because of our big tacos and excellent sodas.


I loved how many kids chose my favorite place–the Zoo! But my favorite kid quote would have to be from the bottom entry, “I love a little excitement. St. Louis rules.” I don’t even know what that kid was writing about, but I’d have to agree. St. Louis rules indeedimage