this is why i'm hot.

Well, because the heat index in the old lou is about 105 degrees, for starters…

For real. I am sitting here in my apartment and I have the air conditioning on (a rare occurrence) and it is set on 67 degrees yet the temperature in here is 85. Perhaps it is broken. But actually I just think it’s just pretty darn hot outside. 

But I don’t care. It’s supposed to be! It is August after all, people. Even if the grocery aisles are already filled with pumpkin beer and scare crows…it’s still summer dangit!!! So, bring on the heat. 

Weather worries aside, these last few weeks have been, well, sort of depressing.

It started with the death of Robin Williams. I usually don’t get too upset about celebrity deaths (because I’m both cold and heartless, fyi), but for some reason this one really got to me. I think that it is probably because he was such a part of my generation’s childhood. Mrs. Doubtfire is the first movie I can actually recall bringing me to tears because I was laughing so hard. I will really miss that brilliant man.

Then, there’s Ferguson. Oh, Ferguson. What is there to say really? So much, I suppose. I can see, feel and understand the anger on both sides. My opinion? There is no excuse for shooting a teenager six times. And there is no excuse for setting fire and destroying people’s businesses. I just hope we can all come to the point of peaceful discussion, conversation, justice and change. And I hope that St. Louis can move forward as a better city from all of this. Despite the negative attention focused on our little corner of the country these past weeks I maintain that St. Louis still is a great place to live.

If those tragedies were not enough, we lost two beautiful souls from our Zoo this week. Willie Anteater and Claire Cheetah. Losing an animal is and always will be the worst part of my job. There’s still a hole in my heart and a hollow gap in my daily routine without these two animals. I will always remember how very special they were.


(*The lovely, Claire)

Sound fun, yet?

Oh, it only gets better. A few days ago I also came down with a stupid, summer cold. Who gets a cold in the summer? Ugh. Terrible times.

So, the dog days have been, um, let’s just say a little less than stellar.

But I’ll just take a note from my dear friend, Bing, here and count my blessings while I can.

After all, it is still summer. So by golly I’m going to eat some watermelon, roast some corn on the cob and embrace this heat wave!

It’s not so bad. I hear the social media world has discovered a pretty efficient way to cool off…

*check out the pic of our dear Wilie below :(