the inaugural edition of "visitor monday!"

Nobody likes Mondays. Unless Monday is your Wednesday. In that case, Happy Hump Day to me! 

But seriously. Mondays really do need a bit more sparkle. 

So, here on the “Khaki Shorts” blog I have decided to make Mondays “Visitor Mondays” in which I highlight funny things overhead by visitors each week. 

As I only just decided this today I don’t have many for this week. But here are a few gems overhead this afternoon. 

On the proper naming for Bateleur Eagles…

V: What is it called?

Me (thinking this little girl meant the name of our Bateleur): Moogie!

V: Oh. I thought it was an Eagle. 

On tree kangaroos…

V: Don’t you just want to curl up with ‘em and snuggle!

Ah, the joys of visitors….

I’ll try to overhear more next week, but if any of you Keepers out there have some to contribute feel free to share!

In the meantime, here’s a photo update of our latest, “snuggly” tree kangaroo joey!