Post-Post Inspiration + Visitor Monday

In response to the last “Khaki Shorts” post I have been notified about the following organization:

Braindrain! Check it out! It’s an organization all about encouraging young people to stay in, live in and energize St. Louis. 

As a resident of the city, I’m sure our girl, Bubbles, would approve!

Finally, it is, alas, “Visitor Monday.” Today’s visitor quote is not so much funny as it just made me stop and think. 

While feeding the tree kangaroos today, a visitor approached me and asked “So, are you just doing this while you are in school?”

Fair enough. I am young and look it. There are a million reasons this visitor might have asked me this question. 

But it just made me ponder a bit. How many young professionals are asked (often) if they are just doing their job to get through school? Probably not too many. 

How many of you zookeepers out there get asked this question? Probably way too many! 


On this “Visitor Monday” I just want to take a moment to remind all of our beloved visitors that there are many careers out there for young people.

Not all of them involve heels and lipstick. 

On any old day, I’ll take poop and mulch instead!