it’s coming...

That’s right. Winter.

The clock change is behind us and it’s dark as hell when I’m leaving work. It’s been an incredibly beautiful fall, but winter is well on it’s way.

Typically, I never complain about the heat in the summertime so that I can save all of my complaining for the winter. I hate being cold and I tolerate high temperatures much better, so winter is my time to whine.

Today, though, a few friends shared THIS ARTICLE on the ol’ Facebook, and it got me thinking. Maybe this year I should strive to be different. Maybe, just maybe, I could try not complaining and then perhaps winter might be more fun?

Today I tried to think of a few positive winter things:

-SNOW. Duh. And all that comes with it (sledding, beauty, snowmen, coziness, half days at work…)

-Ice skating. I really love to do this and I don’t take advantage of Steinberg enough. 

-You don’t have to cut the grass or blow the leaves at work (or at home, for those of you in that situation).

-Hot tea, hot chocolate, hot soup!

-Sweaters? Uggs? Those things are nice, right?

-And MOST OF ALL a nice, quiet Zoo all to myself all day long. Such a lovely break from the stress of the summer crowds. 

My favorite quote from the article was there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. 

Ain’t that the truth. 

Who knows? Maybe this is the year the cold won’t get to me. Either way, I’ll aim for a little more koselig in my life. 

(Obvious choice, here.)