Happy Birthday Bubbles!

Today just happens to be Bubbles’ ninth birthday! What better day to celebrate the release of “Bubbles the Dwarf Zebu” at the Zoo!

For Zoo Member’s Day this evening, we had a splendid “Bubbles” themed celebration in the Children’s Zoo–complete with cake, coloring, birthday wishes and a special surprise (a life size Bubbles pinata!) for the birthday girl!

The lovely, late spring evening was the perfect setting for the celebration. Bubbles enjoyed several choruses of children singing “Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo” (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”). Many came up to greet and scratch our fine cow. Shouts of “There she is!” and “That’s Bubbles!” rang across the Children’s Zoo. No doubt the zebu enjoyed being the star of the show. 

Of course, books were on hand. I really enjoyed talking with visitors and showing off our beautiful, NINE YEAR OLD, dwarf zebu, Bubbles to our wonderful Zoo Members!

Enjoy the pictures above, showing some of the highlights of the party, including wishes children left for Bubbles inside of her cardboard cake. 

Many thanks to Alice Seyfried, Anne Bartin, Kim Hoorman, Emily Bowling, Christy Childs, Susan Gallagher and Greg Lockey for making the evening a success!