Happy 2013!

I hope everyone had a happy, happy holiday season! 

For me, it was a whirlwind of friends, family, cold zoo mornings, nighttime parties, hairy zebus and whoa, too many cookies! 

The last two weeks have been crazy and awesome and I am so grateful to have spent amazing times with my most favorite people. 

Now that the most wonderful time of the year is winding down I’m gearing up to enter the, well, least wonderful time of the year—January, February and March. 

The cold months. 

And I hate being cold. 

But that’s ok because it is a new year and so time for new goals and things to look forward to! 

Goal #1: Try to not worry about the cold! After all, those frosty, zoo sunrises are awfully beautiful. Plus, I have new super warm Christmas boots! Lucky me!

Goal #2: Spread the Zebu love both at the Zoo and outside of it. Hopefully, the school visits will continue through 2013. And for now, at work, I still get to help Bubbles enjoy her daily walks and beauty treatments. Winter don’t slow down a diva like her! 

January might be a chilly month, but it is a new start for everyone! So, happy 2013!

Let’s make it a good one.