Guess Who Is Bubbles' Latest Fan?

Idina Menzel! 

Pretty unexpected, right? 

Today we were honored at the Children’s Zoo to have Idina Menzel, her two year old son, Walker and friends visit. 

On their tour, Idina and Walker got to meet the real Bubbles! They gave her a little scratch and a bamboo treat and the cow was in heaven. 

Idina said that she loved the book and that it would be Walker’s bedtime story that night (hard to compete with some Broadway caliber lullabies though, right?). 

As someone who wishes they could sing, I was a bit starstruck. My sister, Nancy, texted and told me to tell Idina that “she has the most incredible voice and I (Nancy) sing to Wicked pretending to be her (Idina) all the time!!!” I relayed the message and it was well received. 

I wanted to get a video of Nancy singing Wicked and pretending to be Idina but was told “no way Jose." 

So, we’ll just celebrate Bubble’s latest fans with this little clip instead:

And what the heck, I love me some good singing. So we’ll do this one too: