gashouse gang love.

Writing a serial story, especially about a topic that requires research, can be A LOT of work. 

But, as all writers know, the reaction to this work can be VERY rewarding.

This week I received two great emails from my editor at the Missouri Press Association. 

These emails were from teachers who read the “Gashouse Gang” serial story in their local newspapers with their classes.

Each class did a unit focused on the serial story and then sent my editor photos of class activities.

The 2nd graders drew pictures of their favorites scenes from the serial and the 6th graders culminated their study with a field trip to the Cardinals game!

The 6th grade teacher said the kids loved finding references to Dizzy and the Gashousers at Busch Stadium.

Some things to look for at your next Cards game are–”The Gashouse Grill” or “Dizzy’s Diner” the bronze statue of Dizzy out front or the large poster of Dizzy’s famous “It ain’t bragging’ if you can back it up” quote in the stairwell. 

I hope you enjoy these adorable Gashouse fan pics as much as I do!

(The entire class with their Gashouse scenes.)

(This girl’s favorite scene was when Dizzy married Pat.)

(I love Jacob’s caption here, “I like the part where Dizzy dean buys a car for his wife.” Above Dizzy says, “How do you like it?” and Pat answers, “Take it back!”)

(Another fan of Dizzy and Pat’s wedding. I love that Dizzy is wearing a Cards cap with his suit in this one.)

(Gashouse fans at the Ballpark!)

(And the boys pic!)