everybody loves a good makeover!

A BLOG makeover, that is!

Tonight I am revealing the new and improved “Khaki Shorts” blog!

The changes are subtle, of course, but important. As I prepare for the release of “Lily the Rescue Dog” in 2014, I am also prepping the website with a new theme. 

Zookeeping is a huge part of my life. I spend more time at the Zoo than anywhere else in the world, and I’ve got the perma-dirt engrained into my hands to prove it! 

But “Lily” is not a Zoo story. In fact, a lot of what I write has nothing to do with the Zoo at all. And so, I am gradually beginning to separate my website from its Zoo-based roots. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write about my Zoo animals and crazy adventures, but I also love to write about running and cereal and how much fun it is to live in the Lou. 

And so, I shall stick to a Zookeeper theme (hence the continuation of the blog title, “Khaki Shorts”) and will continue to write about my life at the Zoo, while expanding into new territory as well (hence the extended blog title “Field Notes from Life’s Little Adventures”). Expect short snippets of stories with topics across the board.

The most exciting part of the Blog Makeover project is that readers (Readers? Do I even have any readers? Hello out there! I don’t even know!) can now leave comments. I hope that this will be a platform for lighthearted dialogue, opinions and, of course, your own short stories and fun. 

Finally, with an expanded topic list, I hope to actually USE my blog more. It ain’t gonna be Shakespeare. But, hey, at least I will try to write often (no matter how sloppy it may be!).

Without any further ado, I present to you all…THE NEW BLOG!