Dwarf Zebut! (aka the Bubbles Book Debut!)

I have always looked forward to my wedding for one reason. No, not the dress. The people! It is totally my dream to have everyone I love right there in one place celebrating. Plus, cake. 

Saturday night’s “Bubbles Debut” party was pretty close to that dream. Including cake! I was so impressed and pleased with the turn out at the party. There were Zoo people, family people, Nerinx/Vianney people, DePauw people, tennis people, older sister’s people, neighbor people and even a few stranger people (but, hey, the more the merrier, right?). And it was awesome. 

I felt a little bit like Santa Claus as everyone waited to come forward to purchase their books. But I was truly happy to see and talk to everybody. I want to thank everyone that came to the party. It was certainly an event I will remember forever.

And that was some pretty sweet cake. 

A few highlights below!