Book Release Party Recap

The book release party for “Dizzy” and “Boo” went smashingly!

 The party was hosted at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. My friend and event planner extraordinaire, Lauren Dugan, helped me to set it up. I found Schlafly to be the perfect place for such an event. It was centrally located, casual, friendly and with access to a great patio. Plus, the staff there was nothing but kind and helpful throughout the entire event.

For me, the book release party was a very special night. I LOVED having so many random people from my life in one room! It was incredible. Poor John was probably the only one who knew my family, his family, my high school and college friends and the Zoo crew–so he was running around hosting the entire evening! But for me, it was a ton of fun. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the release of my two new children’s books. I’d say “Dizzy” and “Boo” are off to a great start!

Without further ado, a few snaps from the party!

My DePauw friends and I with the entire collection. 

The Kelly family plus my dad. 

Dan Cebulski and I. 

A few of my favorite Aunts with their copies of “Dizzy.”

Ed Koehler (the illustrator of “Dizzy”) and Chris Grant (the designer/illustrator of “Boo”) were kind enough to come out and sign books. 

Claire and John got books for their brand new baby, Joey!

Sue Hoffmann and I. So many friendly faces that night!