Bike to Work Challenge Update

Well the first week of September is done, so that means that I have LESS than one month to go in my five month bike to work challenge!

It’s crazy how time flies but so far it’s gone well. I have not skipped a single day EXCEPT those times I’ve spent dog sitting (shout out to my pals Ahi, Rocky, Denali, Dallas, Katie, Mrs. Padmore, Riley and, of course, Sadie and Elsa!). I love taking care of dogs but dog sitting definitely disrupts my routine and I just don’t have my marbles together enough to plot out a bike route from anywhere but home. So, I drove on those days, and, ah, the luxury of it! Radio! Leather seats! Climate control! So lovely. 

But that does not mean I will give up. After all, the Zoo wide official bike to work through the month of September challenge is upon us, giving me even more motivation to get out there and ride!

Here are my stats so far:

Miles ridden on the bike: About 165 so far

Times I’ve filled up the gas tank in my car: Four. And that includes trips on my days off to exotic locales like Springfield, Missouri. (Full disclosure–my boyfriend drives me around a lot. Just being honest).

Worst rides: In May we had a couple of 45 degree mornings that were pretty rough. Also, a few weeks ago it was just absolutely pouring down rain. It was not thundering, just raining, and so, if you recall the rules of the challenge, I still had to ride. I got absolutely soaked. My shoes and socks were soaked, my backpack was soaked, and the brand new book I brought in my backpack was soaked. Awful. I also came down with a cold two weeks ago on one of the hottest days of the summer thus far. After feeling terrible all day, pedaling that bike up Wells was no easy feat. I just had to keep repeating “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” to make it through.

Best Rides: I’ve had LOTS of best rides. I think I most enjoy riding home after working late nights til 7:30. I really like riding home at dusk when the cicadas are singing and the sun is setting. It is just so peaceful and a really nice end to the day.

Three weeks to go before the five months are complete! So you know what they say, just gotta keep putting the pedal to the, uh, road?